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Some pieces came out of the comfort, others - of the need, but all of them amaze with unique, organic and textured look. That‘s the power of an artisan.

When standard luxury is not enough, masterfully crafted pieces are the solution. From small spaces to unique and elaborate designs, interior is never a “one size fit all” solution. By prioritising our client's demands, THESET has developed bespoke manufactured items to meet any requirement. The company is focused on premium developments, strong execution and quality concept. The brand has made its presence through diversified portfolio and state-of-the-art pieces.

There is no
“one-fits-all” approach

Homeowners are continuously looking for advanced sources to shape their spaces. In a changinh world, THESET is always announcing new trends, inspirations and design innovations. Our focus on bespoke manufacturing was born from our passion for décor, up-to-date thinking whilst always looking to the future. When it comes to interior, there is no “one-fits-all” approach, so the creative minds of THESET established conceptual, yet functional and remarkable, solutions for every way of living.

Creative process

THESET relies on innovative use of materials, creative structures and clever manipulation of style. We believe that a fusion between these elements is a “must” for the collaboration to work in a connected and sensitive manner. Thanks to the fundamental ideas and our attention to finishing, our interiors have it all in one entity, the authentic character, robust sensitivity and structured balance with in and throughout.

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