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Get set to be wowed into a world of grandeur privileges. Whether we are helping to build THE home in a busy city or decorating your getaway holiday villa, THESET prides itself on an uncompromised excellence of service.

It's all              about  
   the set-up



Interior Design

Bespoke Atelier

Branding Identity

Real estate consulting


Concept-to-completion setups are our most valuable strength, whilst a creative approach to technical problem solving and in-house manufacturing is a  desirable add-on too.

We offer residential and commercial architecture design projects that are the insignia of exclusivity, comfort and aesthetics. Each aspect of our design is handcrafted to meet and exceed our client’s requirements, both for today and for the future. To ensure that every project incorporates world-class design, style and innovation, we collaborate with leading architects, designers and engineers from around the globe and are always seeking to produce architecture that is tranquil, inspired by nature, yet human in scale.

We want to create more than functional blueprints, our goal is to provide our clients with individual experience as we strive to redefine the trends in customer service. Welcome to the world of THESET - Let us design the right setting for you.

set-ups are our most valuable strength

- Aidas Stanionis, CEO

The Story

It all started in 1933, when young Antanas Stanionis entered the carpentry world. He was the grandfather of THESET ceo - Aidas Stanionis as well a passionate believer in power of the artefact.


At the very beginning it all started in a small-scale warehouse, producing elaborate pieces of furniture that stood out from the crowd and times. During his childhood, Aidas would walk to the carpenter’s workshop with his grandfather to see how furniture is born - the conversion of lumber into pieces suitable for working, the chiselling of intricate ornaments, the cutting of powerful joints were the best childhood memories that shaped his future career choices. As the young man Aidas saw the woodworkers executing every part of the tree's journey with extreme precision, undivided attention to detail, subtlety and perfectionism. Frequent trips to the atelier instilled these qualities into Aidas and they govern every business decision of his to this day.

While working with some of the best manufacturers the name of THESET soon became a synonym of conceptualism, quality and accuracy. It is all just a little bit of history repeating itself now.
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History is repeating and upgrading itself now. It all started with Aidas inheriting his grandfather’s workbench which led to today's vision of THESET, broadened by adding architecture, interior design and real estate development to the company’s tool box. While working with some of the best manufacturers, THESET soon became synonymous with conceptualism, quality and accuracy.

We are proud of our heritage and the legacy created by our ancestors and we are more than happy to share it with you. When it comes to the world of THESET, our team of experts is ready to provide you with exclusive designs precisely curated through every step of the project. From the beginning, our history has been linked with a highly inventive and unique standpoint and we are fearless to pursue and cherish the legend of THESET.

We dare to augment blank spaces into unforgettable compositions and state-of-the-art pieces with centuries of tradition, as well as fulfilling the wishes of the most demanding clients.

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